Join Us at 10:00am Sunday!

The bible tells us Jesus was born in a manger because there was no room for Mary and Joseph inside peoples' homes.  It is hard to imagine that people in Bethlehem could not make room for Jesus.
 Then again, maybe we can understand.  If we are honest, we all can struggle to make room in our
 lives for things that matter, including God.  

 MERcy House IS OPEN!

Mission Statement: Helping Families in Need

What is Mercy House?
Mercy House is a charity shop where items are given freely to those in need.  Our shop is open on Thursday from 9am-2pm for anyone to come and take what they need.  The shop is located in the south parking lot.  Look for the Mercy House logo on the garage.

Looking for ways to donate?

We are in need of the following:
Kitchen Items
Children's Clothing
Linens for Bed and Bath
Nonperishable Food Items

**All Items should be NEW or LIKE NEW**

When can I donate my items?
Donated items can be dropped off on
Thursdays from 9-2pm or
on Sundays after church for an hour


What is RightNow Media? 
RightNow Media has been called the Netflix of video Bible studies.  As a part of Bethesda Church, you have free access to RighNow Media's Library of 20,000 video Bible studies.  Watch on your own, with your kids, or with a group.  All you need to do is click on the button below, create a login, and you are done!  It is that simple!

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