summer fun days
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Welcome to kidchurch

Our volunteers are excited to care for your little ones! It is our desire that you are able to take the time each Sunday to fully engage in the worship and teaching experience! Each of our spaces has age appropriate toys, activities and lessons aimed to enhance your child's relationship with God and with others. If there are any specific needs for your child, just let us know! We're so glad you're here!

0-3 room (Nursery)

Just as we learn to crawl before we can walk, we believe that the foundation for growing in your faith is understanding who God is! God is big. I mean, really, really, REALLY BIG. God made the Heavens and the Earth. He made the planets and the stars. God makes the flowers grow and the sun shine. God listens to all of our prayers - everyone's prayers - all at the same time. God is way stronger than we could ever imagine, He's way smarter than we could ever think, and He is so kind and so good and so amazing - we can't even understand! Who is God? GOD IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE!
(Phew, big word!)


WHAT IS THE BIBLE? These Kindergarten brains are getting bigger and bigger each week as we learn more about the bible. What will you miss most about Kindergarten? The snacks? The games? The friends? What about how much you've learned!? Now that it's summer, how can we make sure we're still learning and growing the way God wants us to? This month, we'll learn all about Gideon and how God helps us grow stronger, Samuel and how God tells us what is true, and so much more!


For a lot of us, recess is one of our favorite parts of the school day. We get to play dodgeball, hopscotch, or race our friends around the play area. Recess helps us to stay active so we can grow strong, but it also gives us a chance to grow in our relationships. In this five-week series, kids will discover (through the stories in the books of Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel) the unexpected ways God can help them grow. As they do, they’ll learn how God helps us grow stronger, helps us belong, answers our prayers, tells us what is true, and can use anything we give.


What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does it look like? What does it feel like? God sent His spirit to live with all who believe in Him, and promised that it would help us answer those tough questions. It's summer break!! The 4th&5th Grade crew is taking a break from learning the Fruits of the Spirit, but they're diving headfirst into thinking about who they want to be next year! (Spoiler Alert - the Holy Spirit will still be helping us with this!) This month, we're taking a look at some people's lives who started WAY different than they ended. What changed? THEY TRUSTED GOD. What does it mean to trust God's plan for us? What does it mean to decide to follow Jesus in mind, heart, AND body - even when no one is there to make you do it?