Jesus said, "LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME..." - Matthew 19:14

Every Sunday during Service @ 10am
Our volunteers are excited to care for your little ones! It is our desire that you are able to take the time each Sunday to fully engage in the worship and teaching experience! Each of our spaces has age appropriate toys, activities and lessons aimed to enhance your child's relationship with God and with others. If there are any specific needs for your child, just let us know! We're so glad you're here!

0-3 Room (Nursery) 

Just as we learn to crawl before we can walk, we believe that the foundation for growing in your faith is understanding who God is! We know that God created the heavens and the earth. We know that He can cause a storm or calm the sea. We know that God is stronger than anything! How can God do so many wonderful things? God is powerful! God has a powerful love that saved us from sin, and God has a powerful plan that can't be stopped by our mistakes. This month we'll talk about how God only uses His power for good (and how He shares a little bit of His power with all of us, too!)

4 & 5's / Kindergarten Room

WHAT IS THE BIBLE? These Kindergarten brains are getting bigger and bigger each week as we learn more about the bible. This month, we're taking a look at the Old Testament and asking the question: How can I feel brave when I'm scared or lonely? The life of David tells us that we don't have to be strong on our own. In the scary lion's den or in new places all alone, God is with us and He is more powerful than anything!

1st - 3rd Grade Space

There’s a reason lions are symbols of courage — even their roars (which can be heard up to five miles away) tell us how strong they are! And because of God’s promises, we can be as strong and bold as lions, too. In this five-week series, kids will learn important truths from the life of Daniel they’ll want to shout (or roar!), like how we don’t have to give up and don’t have to feel alone. Instead, we can keep learning and not be afraid, even when we don’t know the future. Why? Because God is with us!

4th & 5th Grade Space

It's been such a great first month in our new 4th & 5th Grade Space! As we fall into more of a routine with our older crew this month, we'll be able to start taking some time for silent reflection and the side of prayer that's seldom talked about - LISTENING. While we're growing in our knowledge of the bible and the lessons it teaches us, we're also learning how to pay attention to the ways we connect with God and the different ways God wants to connect with us. It might not always be easy, but it will always be worth it!